The Confidence Coach - Ethnic Belly Dancing
The Confidence Coach - Woman to Woman
Ethnic Belly Dancing

Wednesdays 6.30pm-7.30pm
Archibald Russell Centre
Haypark Road

 See for directions.

What shall I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes.  Don't go out and buy anything in particular.  I dance bare foot and wear a long skirt.
I have no rhythm, will that matter?
No, many things can be taught, I can help you to "hear" the music which will improve your sense of rhythm.
I can't remember dances will that be a problem?
No I don't teach specific dances.  I encourage you to learn the elements to that you can put together your own dances.  In the advance class we do cover some dances so that we can perform at events if asked.
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 I want the Confidence of a Belly Dancer!

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